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“I had a high stakes presentation to make to potential new investors. Jill Vice with Swagger Inc. was instrumental in bringing my stage presence to the next level. She taught me how to enter the room, grab their attention, and prepared me for questions. I was able to focus on my connection with the audience rather than worry about what I would say next. After working with Swagger Inc., I’ve never felt more confident making a presentation. It’s no coincidence that I got my funding!” -Ruby LaGrandeur, founder and CEO of LaGrandeur

I am really happy with how my talk went! Jill helped me craft my message so that it flowed naturally, enabling me to be fully present with my audience. I really loved Jill’s advice about approaching the audience as though I were welcoming guests into my living room. It really put me at ease. I didn’t get as nervous as I thought I would and I even got a few laughs and loads of thoughtful questions. My time with Jill definitely made a difference.” -Sarah Lang, founder and CEO at Foray Travel + Event Design